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Drag Racing Incidents From The 80's-90's (1 Viewer)


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watching this reminds me how dangerous this sport was (and can still be)

watching this you will see
1 - how Atomic Al Hoffman got his nickname
2- why Eddie Hill was known as The Thrill
3- Elvis at 1000feet like Force did
4- more funny cars shedding their bodies than the 2000's combined
5- little has changed with Pro Stock downforce issues
6- just how fuzzy old VHS tapes have become......


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Hmm, Beal made it on your video. I was standing on the starting line for that one, Sears Point, '96 or '97, can't remember which year but I remember trying to take that motor apart with a hammer and crowbar :)


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Incident at 12:54 was unique because it actually involved 3 cars...Ace & Higley on the track and Clapshaw on the return road.


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Between the car safety devices of the day, the Armco barriers, the openings in the walls and the lack of safety walls through the shutdown areas, it's amazing we didn't lose a lot more drivers back then!


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Looking back it's really amazing there weren't more drivers seriously hurt or killed. I remember most of those incidents, just with time I'd forgotten how bad they used to be. Crappy guard rails, no fire suppression systems, no wheelie bars, etc..

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I guess I don't understand the fascination of watching others wreck their vehicles and possibly get hurt or killed.
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