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This past year I have railed at points of how NHRA.TV missed the boat while other times has been good.

Well, in my view the Friday and Saturday broadcast were tight, sharp, and well done. very nice camera angles, Amanda did great in the many and well time interviews as well as the "sunglasses man" on the line,lol.

But the best part of both days was that the sound of the cars was right on the money complimented by Alan and his smooth delivery, well done by all, today should be very juicy as I am freezing down here in Alabama, the only thing I miss about my old home state is Pomona.

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Watched Friday and definitely loved the coverage and noticed the sound level was about perfect. Alan and Brian on the mic was also good. They are a good pair and complement each other nicely.
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Yep I bitch when it’s bad. So I’ll give them props when it good ! Excellent job lately guy and girls !!!!

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NHRA.tv has definitely stepped up their game the second half of the season. And as Mark mentioned, Pomona was the icing on the cake. Well done indeed!
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