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Nitro 1/8th Mile (5 Viewers)

Luke Nieuwhof

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Nitro Chaos at Eddyville in July should be fun, that is going to be just what you describe above - heads up, run what you brung, as long as it’s on nitro!
For the record, I am a quarter mile guy, and I had a great time at Funny Car Chaos. Eighth mile suits that deal just fine with all of the different combos. Where a big show car could easily run down an alcohol car over a quarter if it needed a pedal, the eighth mile makes it a lot more even than you’d think - especially at some of the smaller tracks.

Nick Name

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Here is a different perspective. First, I have been around since the glory days of west coast nitro racing. I also enjoy watch human behavior.

I have noticed that when nitro cars are running, at least 70% of thre folks in the stands do watch past the 1/8th mile, then heads turn back to the starting line to see whose next. Watch this yourself next time. Only the real hard core watch it until the win light comes on. The whole show is the burn out and the first 600 feet.

I can't remember if Saturday Night Nitro at Famosa several years ago was 1/8th or quarter, but it was a blast.

Then again, this entire argument will be mute when the Chinese stop selling us nitro.

As far as attracting new fans, this fast door car stuff, grudge and motorcycles is where it's at.


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RE: Blown Margarita Mixer
That Scott Palmer never a dull moment with that guy around .
I had it captioned for 1200 HP but a racer corrected me said that it was 8,000 HP .
It was no doubt a party favorite .
Billy Meyer promised a even bigger party er Race next year so I guess a 1/8 mile race that sort of evens up the competition is alright in my books .
You won't see this bunch at least most of them running in the Big Show .
It's racing and I guarantee a good time was had by all .
On Friday with a couple big oil downs it took nearly three hours to run nearly 70 Funny Cars . When's the last time you saw that ?
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