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anyone following this mess? ....... a couple thoughts
- if your sports product doesn't have the TV ratings as say, the NFL does, does that mean your athletes deserve the same multi-million dollars?
- the formation of LIV, and the sudden rise of PGA payouts in '22 and now in '23, IMO revealed a very stagnant PGA
- all media does is push 'green energy' down our throats constantly, with energy prices climbing during last few years - saudi arabia continues with record fossil fuel profits
- saudi money is everywhere, mite as well be in golf too.
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I can't believe how BADLY the PGA tour handled this. For a faction that is supposed to be player run and player organized, to keep the PGA tour players completely in the dark on this is such a bad look for them. It's been no secret over the passed decade that PGA tour payouts have not kept up with times in terms of what they were offering purse-wise compared to what they take in and this whole deal really exposed that. Guys like Rory McIlroy and Tiger Woods learned the hard way that taking moral stands can be pretty expensive. Between the two them, they turned down somewhere in the neighborhood of $1.3 BILLION to defend their house and the tour just opened the front door to let the LIV boys trot right back in. Jay Monahan is finished as tour commissioner. I cannot for the life of me see a way he survives this with his job intact. To lobby support from his players and preach about loyalty, morality, and tradition only to fold like a cheap lawn chair after a year and not even hint to your people that this was coming? What a clown!
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was following up on this last nite. it appears the money will flow from the saudi fund, but jay monahan and others will comprise a board of directors
falling under title of PGA, and not LIV ....... also reading that greg norman and tiger woods were not contacted or included in this restructure,
and that greg norman will not be a part of anything moving forward? ...... still makes you wonder about the money left on table by players who stuck w/pga.
will be interesting to follow ...... i'm also starting to wonder if there was so much hatred for greg norman, that monahan and the PIF coluded against greg.
the press today is reporting that LIV mite be done by end of this year or 2024. the PIF can leverage long standing corporate and media connections long held by the PGA.
do the saudis not even care about their new startup league LIV? maybe not if this merger with PGA will pay off handsomely into future.
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