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You has to ask yourself before buying an EV, is worth it?
I'll read this article later but right off the bat, it states. "Buying..." In today's society very few buy cars and mistakenly lease cars. We live in a disposable society that most don't realize that it cost them more in the long run.

You has to ask yourself before buying an EV, is worth it?
Haven't read it yet but many of the manufacturers are moving to features that can be available by subscription only. Unless the laws change to not allow that type activity it will only get more prevalent. For years apps like on star and xm radio have had control of their apps so this is the next step. If you want a car you can control by a classic or antique.
In today's society, Everything is becoming a "payment or subscription" of some sort. There are a lot of people who lease their cars because they enjoy the image of constantly having a new car. Unless you're a business which benefits from it, You are just renting a vehicle with nothing to show for in the end. Car dealerships prefer to lease you a car instead of selling you one because of the end result, They make more money. Way back in the day you could simply walk into a dealership, negotiate a price and pull out a wad of cash and pay for it on the spot if you had the money to do that. Try that now! All of the sudden if you come in with a duffelbag of 100's, there are more red flags than a Superbowl game. Everything is becoming a subscription based society so be prepared and don't be surprised if in the future, You have to pay $19.95 a month to have the Air conditioning and power door lock monthly option on that brand new $80,000 car that you just got!

You has to ask yourself before buying an EV, is worth it?
Vinfast is planning a new factory in Wake County North Carolina to build 2 different SUVs. It is my understanding that you can buy the car but you lease the battery. I suppose that is a way to get the battery replacement cost from you a month at a time.
The book “Internal Combustion” by Edwin R. Black delves into the energy business throughout history.
In the early 1900s (pre-WWI) Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were building battery powered vehicles.
When you bought the car, you didn’t own the battery. But, there were battery stations, similar to gas stations.
The attendants changed out the battery in about 10 minutes and you paid for what it cost to charge the replacement battery.
WWI put a damper on the electric vehicle industry because the military needed transport vehicles with more range and power.
The book is a real eye-opener.
There's also a documentary called "Who Killed the Electric Car" that's an interesting watch. It's on YouTube and several other streaming services.
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