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Never seen one track with so many consistent issues with their timing system.

First it was the PSM semis in 2019 when one of the stage bulbs didn't work and Hector Arana tried to kill the starter after the other 3 bikes took off without him. Then it was the Pro Stock final last year when none of the win lights came on. Then it was the Top Fuel semi last fall when the wrong win light came on. Then it was Funny Car qualifying Saturday when the stage bulbs wouldn't work on one of the trees. Then it was Round 1 Funny Car yesterday when the win light came on in lane 3 after that car blew the tires off at 200 feet and was out of the race. Then it was Round 1 Pro Mod yesterday when 3 different win lights came on.

And before y'all start bashing the four wide format, I don't think that's the sole cause of all these problems, Las Vegas hasn't had any of that since they rebuilt that track. Just seems like with all the money SMI pours into their tracks, the least they could do is fix their timing.
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